Job Openings

Job openings for the city of imbler part time

Water Meter Reader

City Water System Operator

City Recorder 2 days a week

P.O. BOX 40
(541)534-6095 Phone


Job Duties: The city recorder position for the City of Imbler is a hired position.

1. This position facilitates public relations between the citizens and the city government.

2. Serves as a clerk to the city council.
a. Takes minutes at monthly council meetings.
b. Organizes new business at the meetings and maintains accurate records of all business proceedings of the council.
c. Advises council on public meeting procedures and ordinances and resolutions.

3. Is the custodian for city charter, ordinances, resolutions, deeds, and contracts.

4. Handles all zoning and local planning requests and questions. Prepares documents for submission to the county authorities.

5. Attends training on local government operations

6. Must be familiar with Word, Outlook, Excel, and Quick Books.

7. Does the monthly water billing for the city.
a. Handles past due accounts and assists with water shut-offs.
b. Enters water readings into the water billing software.
c. Makes water meter readings in the main pump house.

8. Serves as the accounts payable and accounts receivable clerk.
a. Completes payroll and pays all bill with QuickBooks software.
b. Follows state protocols.

9. Produces the city’s annual budget according to all state rules and mandates.

10. Leads the planning for the annual 4th of July parade.

11. Maintains the city office.
a. Purchases all office supplies.
b. Keeps clean and neat.
12. Complete other duties assigned by the Mayor or Council.

Hours: Part-Time Position.

The position will be in the city office two (77 hrs/mon) days a week. The days in the office are workable. Office hours are from 9 to 5. Approximately 77 hours/month (16 hrs/week * 52 weeks= 832 hrs + 96 hrs for monthly meetings = 928 hrs/year / 12 -= 77 hrs/month).

Pay: Two days/week = Monthly salary $1,155 (15.00/hr) – $1,540/month (20.00/hr) DOE